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Explosions to War to Riots, Missiles, Beware Southern Boarder

With in the month of April I see we very well could have so much contention, news, heated arguments, people going to the streets as well as rumors of wars. I do see we could see major protest which could turn very bad, very bad! I also see explosions, bombings and riots. As news comes out people from one side or the other may not be okay with what they hear, they may not want to listen to reasons nor facts. They get in their mind that things should look a certain way and when it doesn't then they just disconnect and go angry, this is bc they dont want to see another side, they dont want to admit that they may have been fooled or mislead in some way. I do see allot of attention coming up with the Southern Boarders I see all of this getting exposed and Military swarming in and perhaps taking over. Cleaning it up and reviling what child trafficking has been taking place and who is and has been behind it. I do see Mr T. being behind this and possibly his face coming that he is there or was there, somehow I see it coming out that he was behind this operation in some way. I see people being super upset in regards to the Southern Boarder and in discus with the news that comes from this, how the Military is going to become in high regards far greater than every before. I see where the Military could start to come out on different missions that have taken part in, disclosure. Still more news in regards to EverGreen and the effect all of that event may impact your world but more secrets I see being reviled in regards to this. I see things really starting to move this month in a fast, fast way! Blessings to you and be safe, I love you all. Mika

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