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How to Change Your Life Using Astrology + Moon Cycles + Spring Equinox

How to really get things moving in your life, whether it be in Love, Career, Money, Happiness even Health using this powerful tool in creating with the cycle of the planets. With this New Moon in Neptune (Spirituality, Gifts & Abilities, Greater Incites) , Venus (love + Money + Beauty). Let's not forget that we are leaving the cold dreaded heavy dead winter months and entering into the Spring Equinox on the 20th, a time of birth, brand new healthy energy. A time of Life. We can use these planets with the correct moon cycle to get things moving in your life. Working with the natural phases can truly change your world and help you get out of the mud. Get moving. This New Moon is so powerful perhaps one of the most significant New Moon's of the year. Here are some power tools you can use to get the energy moving, to help move your life in a good way. Neptune is a water sign we can use in combination with an earth element like a stone a green one is perfect to activate growth. We are in the Month of March which is a fire sign we can add a candle or even the color red will work perfectly. Write down on a piece of paper & pen which is Mercury a powerful influence right now, look at the media, same energy. Combining all of this together it would be highly supported to write down on a piece of paper (mercury) using a blue pen (water) to write down your wishes your desires in past tense as if you already have it, done, finished! You can also light a candle while you are writing your wishes, even switch a blue pen to a red pen (fire sign). What about talking (mercury) in a mirror (water) sign, these are great tools. Another way to create is you can write down on a piece of paper or pieces of paper if you wish, place in a little box like a treasure chest box (Venus & Neptune) you can sprinkle it water as you say all of my desires are now and always, now and always (mercury). Place these wishes and desires in the south part of your home (promotes growth) to see it really fly, (supported by Vedic Astrology, Aquarius). I wouldn't suggest burning your wish list it can kill it. You can also bury (Earth, Venus) on the south side of your home as well. Lots of options for creating your life, your future, your new world. Love, Mika

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