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Warm Holiday Greetings

Beautiful family,

I'm so grateful for you all and feel so blessed to be able to connect with you all and go through this experience with you.

We are going through this amazing rebirth of a new higher consciousness world and I would not want to spend it with anyone other than all of you.

We are all as a collective changing so very much in so many ways that we are looking at life and our world that once was okay, acceptable as not being okay anymore.

You have and are changing and shifting your energy so very much that you are evolving at such a rapid speed. This is opening up the door for magnificent new opportunities and seeing along with how your going to live your life from hence forward.

We are seeing miracles minute by minute flooding in our lives greater and better than ever imagined.

I honor as we walk through this new infant road of great illuminating energy together!

I love you all and send out pure love energy to bless and touch all of your lives!

Greatest joy and love of healing energy sent to you and your family!


Mika Truman

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