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Watch within 2 weeks?

Could we be at the cusp where everything is going to greatly alter? Yes I have been feeling this for sometime and feel within 2 weeks we could see major changes within Government leadership, Biden/Kamala news of Trump, voter fraud. But what if this goes a different way? Something feels super off with Biden not sure he will continue to be in charge? For some reason what if something suddenly comes up where Biden can't or doesn't continue as President, maybe Kamala is urged to step forward. To add a twist to this what if at the same time Trump is disclosed or announced to still be President. Then to make things crazier what if their is becoming stricter rules in place for the juice and if not you may not have a job? Shortage of food? Uprising within groups of people. Every kind of shortage you could think of even fuel? I apologize for painting such a heavy message but the Galactic Consciousness has been pushing me to share this important message.

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Good morning Mika 🥰😍. Thank you so much for all your insights you are helping so many people 💜💜. Are the younger children ( ages 2-12). Going to have to take the juice ?? I fear for my grandchildren 😢😢. When is Mr Fau&$i going to be held accountable for his part in all this ??

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