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What Level of Magic are you?

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Have you ever looked at yourself as a color of the rainbow . The more complete you become the more of the rainbow you are. A higher vibrant energetic light worker a higher vibrational being.

Where are you at on you path of the rainbow?

The Magician colors of: Blue, Black, Brown and Red....Pluto

Psychic one: Blue, Green, Orange and Yellow....Cancer

How about Intuitive: Violet, Iridescent .....Aquarius

Clairvoyant: Blue Rays, White, Orange and Yellow....Jupiter

Clairaudient: Gold, Pastel, Green....Taurus

Medium: Yellow, Red, Copper....Libra

Healer: Violet, Yellow, Green, Navy Blue....Virgo

The Empathic: Green, Red, Violet, White....Pisces

Now is the time to pick up the pieces of your soul putting your higher self back together. Weaver your heart, mind and soul back together. Creating magic as you always have.

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