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- Converts data files from "dirty" format to the "clean" format - Detects, removes and fixs a few types of problems in data files - Looks for the missing or extra spaces in data, removes them and formats the data to the "clean" format - Removes empty rows - In case of missing columns, it will copy the fields for the current column from the previous row - Removes duplicate rows - Makes data the same format, removes any extra spaces in column data - It can handle English and Russian language, as well as any other language that you specify - Supports.csv and.txt file formats (any codec is supported) - It provides an option to customize the result and also provides an optional warning notification when working on.txt data format - Multiple languages - It is available for free Version History: - Fix bugs - Removed "default" cols in "to" when clearing - New Release Please Check the details on the official website: Requirements: • Windows OS – Windows 7/8/10 • Java 7/8/9/10 • JRE • Internet access • To install the application Windows 1.Open the folder where you want to save the application 2. Right click on the setup.exe file 3. Select Open 4. Click on Yes To fully use the application, you need to install the Java Runtime Environment. Please download it from here: Uninstallation: 1. Go to the main application folder 2. Right click on the setup.exe file. 3. Select Run as administrator 4. Then click on Open 5. If you want to manually delete the application files, click on Start, then Click on Run, and then type in %APPDATA% and then click on OK. Warning: When installing the app manually, there is a chance that the application won't work properly. If you encounter errors, remove the installer and then install the application manually. To use the application 1. Open the application folder and launch the main application window. 2. Select the type of a5204a7ec7

- It is a personal assistant. - It scans data files for a few types of problems and fixes found errors. - A comprehensive database contains all problem and available fixes. - Supports multiple file types including but not limited to Excel, CSV, MySQL, etc. - Can be placed as a free and portable tool in your start menu. - It is a light tool and there is no need for the Toolbar. - It uses GDAL underneath. This application is inspired by the Google earth. Supported formats: - CSV (comma-separated values) - Excel (*.xlsx) - MySQL (MySQL table) License: Released under the GNU General Public License, version 3 or later. - Click here to read about the license Key Features: - Database of all problems. - Search for a row name that contains a known problem. - Fix that problem by clicking on it. - Delete that row. - Fix other rows with the same problem. - Hide rows with the same problem. - Add a new problem. - Show all problems at once and choose which one to fix. - Support CSV, Excel and MySQL files. - Fully portable, no need to install anything. - Runs without a Toolbar. For more information, watch the video below. Right File Cleaner Gizmo - Dec 2013 ## Step 1 - Scanning data file Select the file or application to scan. - Windows File Explorer - Open the Folder that contains the data file. - Right-click the file and select 'Open With'. - Select 'Right File Cleaner'. ## Step 2 - Select a type of problem to fix - Click 'Add problem' - Type the problem in 'File name' - Type the desired fix. - Click 'Add' ## Step 3 - Fixing a problem Select the problem by name that you just typed into the 'File name' field. If this problem was already fixed and its fix was applied, then you can select it. If the problem has not yet been fixed, then you can click on 'Fix this problem' to find a fix for it. ## Step 4 - Delete Select the row that you want to delete. You can select multiple rows.

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