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"Highlights of 2022"

We are "The Great Duo" time frame. You may see that everything is done in two's at this time. 2 Presidents (fighting for the seat). 2 powerful woman rising high. One female destroying life and one female healing the children and people. We could start to physically see proof of our Alien family, there ships as well as themselves. A major event that could involve China, as they are pushing you to look else where, watch China. Boarders of the Countries could very strongly change. You may wonder what Country or State you may end up living in. I see states breaking away from the USA as well. Claiming independence. Homestead Act Returning, yes I see this so very strongly . This will be so great! I see conditions attached as well. But not unreachable. End of Water Shortages. Gold and Silver Shortages. (so they say ) Prices could be skyrocketing immensely. Crypto's could drop a bit but energy shows it could greatly rise. With the change over of the finances where Gold and Silver with certain Currencies along with "Some" Crypto's could lead out this "New" financial system. Trading and overseas travel could be coming to a strong halt.....why you ask? Elements, Wind, Floods, Water overtaking their bounds. Storms of great intensity. Why? It is shown that it may be due to the earth being out of a prison state and her taking back her power. Her becoming back into balance. The wobbling for a bit as she shakes off the chains, so to speak. Earth Medicine and Element Charmers could become on the rise stronger than ever. Religion becoming exposed and people regrouping. Finding a new path. Protest may be strongly on the rise more than you could ever dream of. People being insanely angry. Mad, mad, mad! The 2 Worlds, 2 Groups of people 2 ideas. With strong opinions, we may see a separation of ideas and a divisions of worlds. Some may shop in some stores and not shop in other stores. I see where we are not out of the woods on this yet. Trying to hold over your head certain privilege's may also be on the rise. No fear I see lots of other options coming up to where you wont really be with out. Just lots of options. Of course I am not a financial advisor so please consult with a financial person.

World 2022 Highlights part 1... 2 Men 2 Woman, 2 Worlds

World Highlights of 2022 part 2, Return of the Homestead Act?

World 2022 highlights Part 3, Are you an Element Charmer. You may want to learn!

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