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All in a nutshell, Just breath!

On the 17th started the financial downward spiral. Today doesn't look any better and tomorrow either. This whole week looks very rocky and not so great. As I stated in my previous videos watch for the 17th and watch for a major push or try to strongly push for you to just stay home type of energy....Very strongly requesting if not pressing using no limits to request this. Energy shows a shift coming with 2 people trying to be boss. (choosing words wisely) At least energy shows some kind of news coming out that shows who is the real Boss and who isn't. As I see this happening which feels soon the other Boss group not stepping but Ms Harris looks like she may be coming stronger to the forefront. Her coming in super strong having a stand off with the other Boss group. Nose to nose! I still see some-kind of big issue coming up which feels like maybe #hina related. I see one not so nice party trying super strong to press their attempt to rule, this is what the energy is showing. They look like they may even try to use %ili*ary to get power, get control, roll in the street. Lots of mis-use of TV information. Power could also go off. When or if this happens I see that very quickly the power will come back on with in a short time I see it could be with the new energy format. This may be the message to you that things have shifted over and a different type of information format may also rise to the top. A greater stand in who's boss may rise as well. Not to say that the other female would go away just yet but the other boss may take a stronger lead but still screaming her thoughts with people behind her. This may create 2 parties. 2 leaders or trying to be.

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