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Hello Beautiful Ones,

I just wanted to share with you my experience with owl for it is a long one. Every time there is a big event coming up the owl will appear whether it be personal or world related.

I always ask the Galactic and the Ancient ones for help in letting me know what I need to share with you and this morning the Owl appeared. Every time this happens it takes my breath away due to the fact that it brings death or almost death. The Owl is a game changer a death of one way, one life and a new beginning of a new. This has shown to be true every-time.

The pattern goes with in 2 weeks something Big and something Life changing will occur. This is massive and I mean so massive that I fear the Owl only for the unknown and what it brings in every single time.

This morning the Owl showed up, very load and very clear. Looked me in the eye alone it took my breath away almost to the point It knocked me off balance. This is so huge and so strong that you must take note and pay attention all the time.

Use extra care in all you do. I have been asking what I needed to share with you strongly since last night and this is what showed up.

I believe it is and has to do with this War event and how huge it is going to be along with the truckers strike taking place. Please hear me this is World Wide, this message is for everyone not just selected people or places.

I believe this has to do with the false flag, the misinformation of the war and an life changing event that will change our world as we know it forever. Some parts bad for the sleeping and uneducated and good for those who have been waiting for this event.

Then this is when the rebuilding and coming together begins, I dont see this super easy but new beginning for sure. We need to see it as opportunity and a time for coming together as a collective and standing in your true self as a healer and a path maker. All of you beautiful beings are hand selected and chosen to help in this time, stand tall for you are one of the First Wavers to make things happen in helping those who may be lost in Love, Kindness and Compassion for your actions will show who you are not your words. It's you radiating in love that will create this whole new world.

Much Love,



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