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What a week we are heading into. Hold onto your seat and watch for big events. As I have mentioned in my last blog post on my website I see all of these events happening with in the next 2 weeks but this week feels astronomical as far as you really seeing change and seeing things really start to happen, to the point where you may just want to hunker down.

This week I see a lot about money and freezing bank accounts or at least strong talks of it. This may effect you and or it may effect people you know. Lots of threats. I must say though I do see this happening with in this two week time frame. Yes, threats and then actually doing so is what energy I see.

With this being said I see that as accounts close I see new avenues and platforms coming in as options.

I must say also that I see you could get your money out if you jump through certain hoops. Use wisdom with this thought it could mean you may not get your money back or that the hoops are unreachable.

As I see it, I see banks, accounts closing, platforms shutting down even changing there rules on how they operate how they function and who is allowed to use there platforms.

With these new platforms rising up I get they could be far better than our old systems, the old methods in transferring and holding your money.

Very rocky time as far as money goes so please be mindful. I know I have said it several times but now feels very strong as far as you being right in the middle of the soup.

I do see a time of a pause on where there could be SHUTTING DOWN the old way of doing things and opening up the NEW SYSTEMS. Please be mindful of this and clear headed at this time.

(of course I am not a financial advisor at all just reading energy).

I do see and feel that some Crypto's are going to stand strong while others may not so with this being said use your own intuition at this time is best.

Stock market this week feels dead, or dying. Take that as you wish. I also see a new type of Stock market even in a new area may be known soon.

This is going to be a crazy and intense next few weeks, very intense and very emotional. Please stay clear headed and listen to your intuition. You have it in some fashion, be a helper and a support to others for they need you the leaders of this new world to step forward and give positive, sound, honest advice. You are wise and a wonderful channeler just tune into it, TRUST!

Much love,


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