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Is it Loosing or Gaining Everything?

What does that mean, what does that mean for you. Detaching from the 3rd dimension may be our biggest obstacle. Why, it is so crucial that we change our mindset, our thoughts, our way of life. In order to go in this new Dimension we must leave our old patterns and behaviors behind.

This can be easier said than done.

Are you wondering why you have lost friends, family and relationships, what about your job? What about you moving feeling like you have to move. Get out of the area and place where you have felt is home. Now you feel like you have to leave, get out, leave now.

No accidents what so ever, no. This is as if you are moving from the 3rd Density and going into the 5th Density. Sometimes yes it does take a move to get you in the right place. Not always but sometimes.

Most likely you will loose beliefs, those that you admired and respected, teachers as well as leaders that you have followers in the past.

This can be happening on so many levels in so many areas of your life. As we move through all of these changes blindly, yes I say blindly because we are in the depth of the darkest times seeking out the light. Hoping we are going in the right direction. Yes please know you are on the right direction, on the right path because your moving forward. As long as you are seeking and moving forward then pretty good chance your on the right path.

Keep in mind and use this as your guide, if you are questioning any area in your life what so ever this is a sign you are to look at that area and adjust it if needs be. No more procrastinating. Those days are over, now is the time.

As you let go of all expectations all old patterns, your old self your old skin. You may see the beginning of your new existence in the 5th Density. Seeing your self as a ball of clay, soft, moldable and ready to create this new you and your new life. Better than ever and stronger than ever. You made it, Welcome!

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