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Your Magical Water

It has been shown to me that the water once was a powerful healing amniotic fluid. When we are born the water which is the amniotic fluid and mother earth's milk is given to you to assist and help you grow and evolve. This is a gift to you, to the world. Through-out the past thousand+ years the nutrients have been taken away from the people, her children and used for unholy reasons. The mysteries of the water and gifts are intended to be yours it is your gift from your mother. As the nutrients have been taken away from the people it has slowed down as well as stopped our physical and spiritual evolution in so many ways it may be hard to comprehend. With-out certain minerals and nutrients you may only be able to evolve so far, so much. It is shown that it could have taken away or created loss of growth of your Chakras. Your Spiritual Gifts from evolving and growing to the level it was intended to be. I see everything about us has been hindered in one way or another, we may not be where we should be whatsoever. The water has such powerful healing that is in it before it is stripped away from us. The smell of the water is not at all how the water truly smells or is how it is suppose to smell. Sadly to say that it smells bad, sour not good at all. Once you smell and taste the real water you will feel like you are drinking the best tasting water you have ever imagined. No words compare to how sweet and clean the water is suppose to taste. Forget about med beds just one glass of the healing water which is our Mother earth's water could heal your body and take it back to it's pure state. Look around you, what happened to our tree's, our plants, our earth. We are suppose to be living in a garden of Eden state. That is our true earth. This energy and our healing waters are to be coming back better and purer than even. Healing everything it can touch. This I see being returned to the people very, very soon!

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