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One More Thing To The Mix!

Just when you thought things could not get stranger or more odd. It was and is being shown that we may start to see an abundance of "Sink Holes" on the rise. Yes could you imagine a sink hole just appearing. This is what I see!

Due to the Dumbs being destroyed I was show that the earth just may start to cave in, collapse.

Oh my goodness this is showing to be world wide. I see so many sink holes just appearing with not much warning at all. I do see that there will be notification systems set up to warn people of such event arising.

Please know for those of you that are awake and aware and have a higher evolved level about your-self, you actually care about the human race. I strongly see a strong protective shield placed around those who are evolved, enlightened, awake.

It's so interesting to me that years back I was shown that it was as if lambs blood was placed on the doors of those chosen, those who are to shift and assist in this assentation process.

Much and great protection is and has been placed on many people. The ones who needs to be concerned are those who have done major wrong doings to the planet and the innocent. Hopefully not too many innocent being effected.

Much love,


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