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New Moon, Your Ascension, Awake

Hello Beautiful Family, I feel so strongly to share what I see for this New Moon on the 13th (Saturday). What a powerful time we are in, a time of The Great Ascension and Spirit has Shown that this New Moon is what is going to kick that energy into full force. Full speed ahead. Some of the signs that you may experience through this "Great Ascension Time" are. 1. Intuition becoming very, very clear, very open. 2. Happier, full of Joy for no reason at all, feeling blissful. 3. Psychic Hits through the roof and you know your spot on through experience. 4. Healthy like minded Relationships coming forward, balanced, loving, pure coming up in your life. 5. Keep an eye on weather, it may be where the flooding, snow comes in as well as some places may be extremely colder than usual. Water and Cold, then all of sudden warm and warmer. 6. You can also see where you are getting rid of allot of your stuff, allot of stuff. Changing your looks your appearance in huge ways. Greater than what you have done in a long time. You may see your taste have changed significant. 7. Many of you may be on the verge of starting a new job creating a new career path. Starting a business. This is huge! Happy New Moon! Love, Mika

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