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Entering A 5-D World Parallel A Mid-life Crises?

We have been talking about for so long this new world that is emerging, growing, starting to evolve into your a reality. You may be able to see glimpses of it and how it may start to take shape with in your own world. How it's going to effect you in your relationships, your day to day life not to mention your personal self. Around every 7yrs, 2 years before your 10 year mark and 2 years after your 10 yr mark you may have noticed that you go through a rebirth if you will. Everything in your world may change, shift. Evolve. Biggest changes in ones life very well may be around your 40's, 50's and 60's these are huge. The energy going into the 5-D New World could very well be compared to one going through their 40's and 50's mid life crises energy, Parallel. Think about yourself and those who have gone major life changes, even yourself. How were you and those around you have been effected? This is huge! Mika

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