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Do you see dead people?

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Just when you think it’s safe to go around the corner, you see a lady in a 1864 vintage dress sitting on a bench you take a double take and you quickly realize she’s gone. It was someone from the other-side. She was so real, her dress was long and flowing. The long sleeves, high neck was so detailed with small red roses along with swiss dot through the top.

You ponder for a moment yet quickly ask yourself why does this happen again and again, what does this all mean, why me?

Those on the other side often show them-selves to us to letting us know they are there, strongly wishing to share a message, create a dialog, connect, bond.

As I have communicated and worked with those on the other side I have learned so much from them, what they desire as well as their intentions for us on this realm.

Spirits connect with us often to let us know they are around, they are with you to help you, guide you even teach you. Their desire is to help you see truth, bring peace. Very few are able to connect with those that are crossed. Very few are able to share the message longing to be shared.

They know they have a greater advantage due to the fact they are able to see and feel both realms, they acknowledge they can share 100% clarity.

I was doing a ghost hunt in hopes of connecting with those on the other side in helping clear up residue energy and ultimately helping the spirits move on, cross over. As my partner was using his equipment several spirits came through and said “Mika feel my pain” “Mika feel my pain”. We asked who they were and they were a local Native American tribal name. There were several spirits that came through. All with the same message, “feel my pain.”

I was a bit troubled with this. The next morning as I was doing my morning meditation at 4am they came through once again, strongly in my face with great sadness and desperation. I asked them what they needed. They responded with, help us cross over, help us let go of the pain. Since I was new at my gifts with putting together how everything worked in correct spiritual alchemy, I knew all things must be done in perfect timing with the universe. This is a necessary in accomplishing solid spiritual work. I expressed my insecurities in not knowing exactly how to make this happen. They shared as well as showed me how to do this great service for them in order to make sure it was done correctly. I did so and the veil, the doorway was opened. I was able to see them go through one dimension into another. Great joy was expressed from them.

I was so grateful for at that moment, where I learned so much from them as well as learn exactly the art of helping those cross over with great success.

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