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Fall Magic

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

If you have been stuck, “this ones for you”

Fall is a magical time of year one where spirits can be seen in every nook and cranny. There is much to be said for the viel being the thinnest this time of year. It is a time of gratitude in giving the greatest amount of thanks. When you have thanks for what you have it can open up the door to help receive. “Create movement”.

When you wish to live in balance with the planet it can be the difference of planting your garden in October with expectations of getting tomatoes and cucumbers in December.

We all know that most likely will not happen, it's wrong time of year along with less sun as well as freezing temperatures. Poor combination for success.

How can you become so In-sync that when you plant your garden you have great probability for harvest.... Simple you follow the correct seasonal cycles, the right time of month, the right time of year. This can definitely apply to planting your desires your dreams and goals, your intentions.

This is so important for those wishing to bring movement and changed in their life. Luck, Magic!

It is so crucial to give gratitude, celebration, thanks in the fall. It can be the difference of a harvest or no harvest, “in the future”. We need to plan ahead, start somewhere, start now.

Fall is all about sharing, showing, giving thanks. In order to perhaps be eligible for all of your wishes to come to past it is crucial to participate in a give away, sharing.

As you go into gratitude as well as share what you have, it often is showing the creator, source, higher energy, that you too have incredible abundance in your heart where you are so willing to share what you have.

Sharing isn't about what you give, it's the fact that you shared from the heart. Big or small you shared with a pure love essence, you gave from the heart. Greatest gifts are those given with no expectations, wanting nothing back.

As you start to live in this energy it may make it so much easier to receive due to the fact you are in harmony and balance. You become in sync.

Remember what you give you shall receive but so much more!

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