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A Millennial Era

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Horses dance beneath the golden stars

singing praises of bliss for the day of magic is in the air,

The children are waking, they are starting to remember,

They are starting to see all what they have been hiding deep inside.

A celebration is in order, sing to the gods,

gods of the wind, the sun, the moon, the earth.

Pulling out the bag of magical stones

mist fills the air a rainbow fly’s from the stones

touching the forehead of the chosen ones, the innocent


Sacred pure water is drawn from the well for it is deep in the earth where the pure DNA is stored and preserved for the holy of holies.

The fairies tell the children drink up, drink up for it is the living water that can knit back together

the magical gifts thats was stolen from the souls of the chosen ones.

The chosen ones drank and drank till they fell asleep.

As the morning sun kissed their face with the magical rays of spark they rose.

It was that day forth where all of the colors of the rainbow was seen, it was color. No longer was the days seen in black and white but color and all of the magic that the colors shared.

Colors carried the magic of the gifts, the psychics the intuits, the mediums, the empaths, the healers, the clairvoyant as well as the clairaudient, tarot workers, stone workers, the magicians.

For that day forward it was a time of sharing, learning and living in the gifts that was given. No more hiding who they were born to be, no more shame. A time of great rejoice filled the hearts of the millennials for they are the ones who bring in peace, harmony and balance taking the earth to it’s perfect state.

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1 Comment

Mika Truman
Mika Truman
Oct 07, 2019

This is such incredible times, new awakening times. A time of blending other dimensions into one. A time of visions becoming your reality. Yes what you see is real!

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