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Shut Down the Court Hearing Case Immediately......

We are in for a major roller coaster ride one of nail biting times. Just to recap real quick, 1. Trump team acting flustered, fumbling over papers, evidence. Acting like they dont have a clue what they are doing and how to proceed.....(SET-UP). 2. A few Days go by of this Charade. (ACT building trust of their inadequacies). 3. Trumps team appearing that they are horribly loosing, BAD! 4. Suddenly things change just like a flip of a dime, all of sudden Trumps team pulls it together, sharp as a whip. Pulling out facts, evidence and "WOW" The Show Begins!!!! HERE WE GO! 5. Democrat side all of a sudden gets super, beyond imagine flustered, them not having answers to question they are being asked and just plain not wanting to give the truthful answers. 6. I dont see that lies will be accepted due to the Trump team twisting and turning the answers so that they must answer truthfully. I get they are so sharp and so on point they know minute by minute exactly what to do and what to say next. 7. I do get they are going to get them to admit that the election was stolen and that the ballets were staged and all fake and so much more. 8. I get they will get them to admit about the riot was brought on by them that they paid for the actors to come forward. I get they will have proof and evidence supporting their findings. 9. I see them even showing proof of connections to Epstein island and pedophilia as well as drugs and so, so much more. Everything I see being exposed. 10. So it's real important to mention these sequence of events that I see happening now until everything fully get exposed. I see where once the Democrat's start to realize exactly what's really going on and that the trial has been turned on them, then this is where you see allot of squirming going on. It concerns me that they are just going to start to disappearing or trying to disappear but I see such security on them that the minute they think they are going to vanish I see major arrest going on. I get it may get to the point where they may lock down the court room and not let anyone leave or go home (not sure how all of that work though). Just to make sure nobody escapes and get's away or even commits suicide. I see they want them alive. We may yet see a major increase of suicides...ughhhh (by the Democrat's). One major point that must be looked at is that right when all this takes and is starting to take place, The democrats' will not want you the people see what is really happening here. When the tables are turned is when I strongly get you will see all of a sudden the trial proceeding may be taken off all air waves, all news platforms, sites any area, any place it is being shown right now. I see it being shut down. When this happens is when I see the Military step in take over the media, news platforms....Then truth will be shown in this court room. Big Events Coming Greater than you could imagine. hold onto your seat, here we go!!!! So Grateful to you all, Love, Mika

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