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Get Ready For Chaos, Money, Financial Adjustments, Supply-Demand, Confusion.

Hi Everyone, Happy Monday! What is next to this next level of your Ascension the planets Ascension, Where are we in this whole Political arena. Spirit has shown me that we are on the cusp of: 1. News of Trumps return, the form, what vehicle. News of arrest being made, visual sight of arrest being made. Lock down possibly occurring. 2. I see with all of this news coming up and even the disclosure coming out I see we could have major chaos, people being in uproar and shock, great disbelief. Some people being angry. 3. Energy around riots and looting going up over the top. I do see where military can be in the streets in some areas. 4. I do see where the stock market can be going to go through a real crazy roller coaster ride. I see we may have a huge financial flop coming up. This is possibly going to be only with some stocks not all of them. Major changes with the stock market coming up. Banks included. All financial. 5. I see financially this time is huge, very big for financial upheaval. People feeling loss but I dont get they will really have loss I get it may be temporary. Also watch more layoffs coming up. 6. With all the changes coming up and great shifts with how we get or gain our supplies from other countries I do see we could approach a time where we may be in this little bit of holding pattern on where we get our supplies and lack of supplies. This can be in any area also. All areas in your life and your needs. 7. Stay cautious on rumors from people about what's really happening. I get the information that may be circulating may be 80% fake. Stay clear minded, trust your intuition.

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