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Galactic Consciousness Wants You To know!

I have been told in a strong way to let you know you are in a good place, your safe your protected.

For sometime I have been having very vivid and specific dreams on what is coming here very shortly, very quickly and very fast.

Is what I can share with you at this time due to great sensitivity around this matter is that time is speeding up very intensely and it is crucial and so life altering at this time for you to know you are extremely safe and so protected.

The Galactic Consciousness wants you also to know at this time that everything is under control, it is part of a "Great" plan that will soon come to light. It will be seen by the whole world what really has been going on and how deep it really goes.

I will continue to give more and more updates as spirit permits.



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1 Comment

Thank you Mika I could actually felt the calm come over me last night much like a warm blanket on a winter day 😍. I know it sounds corney but it’s the truth. Lol lol We have some difficult times ahead of us but God is by our side watching & helping.

Love you & please thank spirit for the guidance, love & path that you were given to help us all 😘😘😘😘😘😘

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