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2020 Predictions

Here we go, I will be adding onto this blog as the days go by so keep a watchful eye, you wont want to miss anything.

1. You very well may be totally shocked by the laws, rules and even regulations that very well may be coming up to become altered, changed, some even vanished. Yes, where some new ones may come up their may be old ones that may come up for re-evaluation to be restructured, revamped to get things flowing better. When I see just when you least expect a law to change, hold onto your seat because that just may be what you will see. These changes show as on a state level as well as a government realm. This very well may come up starting now till years to come but in 2020 may be where you hear about changes greater than imagined. It's a time for things to become altered more improved. Not all bad some will be changed to flow better and easier but may seem it is a huge mistake so be sure to be open minded when they come up.

More 2020 predictions to come so check back here to get the latest heads up on what may be coming up that can effect your life.

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