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2021+ Predictions: Control, Plagues, Storms, Volcano's

Spirit has shown me that we are in a Transitional period, Calm before the storm, Leaving 4th-Density and entering 5th-Density. This message is about a warning a warning to you for you in regards to you stepping forward, filling you 5th-Density self. Being your higher authentic self! We are headed to a time of attempting major control, control, control in every aspect of the word. Control your travel, Control where you can go and what you can do depending on if you have your shot. Threatening with your work and your jobs. Public ridicule and attempting to humiliate those who dont have it. All talks about Guns, Shootings, Violent Acts including Guns. This is not good all of the fear and action I see around this one. I see even a volunteer of turning in your guns being asked. I do see talks of taking away guns even where certain attempts being made. I dont see this being full blown and I dont see this fully, completely happening, I just dont. I see this being stopped before it's gets too carried away. Unfortunately I see a strong amount of civil unrest, allot. I dont even like talking about this kind of energy but I see this strongly and I'm just preparing you and giving you a heads up. I do see plagues, plagues of all kinds it's the craziest thing ever, I see fly's, beetles, crickets, frogs, something wrong with the water in some areas. Sickness of animals. Strange odd smells due to these plagues. There may even be destruction to some of the food crops from these natural events. Here is the strangest part, I see those that have already shifted into this higher vibration has some kind of energetic, spiritual mark or protection around you that nothing really bad will happen to you, strong protection around you. Those that are leery

and hesitant on what side of the fence they are on, who are they. Are you living your higher self, living a higher vibrational, humanitarian way of life? If not, things may not go so great for you!

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Ok 😢😢 It’s getting harder & harder to stay positive all I want to do is cry thinking about my grandsons future 😢😢 when is this over I really really need something to look forward to

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