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Activation From "Spring Equinox", What Does This Mean?

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are well and having a great week. I want to just focus and share what I see for Spring as well as the rest of the year. This Spring Equinox is so fantastic and so wonderful for Greatly kick starting this whole year for the good! I see so strongly that March is a super powerful time of year for really igniting and getting your life moving in a good way. We may be headed for such happy, joyous time. Life altering times, Good times. 1. Watch for lots of Family travel, Family time, Family trips, Family gatherings, Families Reuniting. This can easily pull in Friends that feel like Family also. I see this may possibly including internal travel also. Feels so good with people just feeling free to now live and explore new area's of the world. 2. I see money circulating, money becoming better and good for many. An upswing in most areas. 3. Lots of homes and business being built and started. I get we could be in for a time of major growth in so many ways.



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