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Are you on the wrong planet?

Do you often feel that somehow someway you were dropped off on the wrong planet? You feel you just dont fit in here. You may even be one of those who are still waiting for your family to come back and pick you up. Yes, this is real. These are signs you very well may be an Emphatic along with an Intuitive even a Psychic-Medium. Yes you!

Having strong abilities can have it's pro's and con's. Learning how to use them along with when to turn them off may be the greatest tool you can gain.

Sometimes going into a store, party any kind of event can leave you feeling overwhelmed if you are a very gifted.

A few things I like to do to clear my energy and stay grounded is I love the use of stones. Their are many to choose from, I personally love to wear Turquoise as well as carry around a Tourmaline stone. It can be best when stones are used as a duo, a team.

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