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Calm Before The Storm, What's True?

Lies, Manipulations, Twist and Turns. What's true and what's not, Who do you believe? Spirit showed me this morning in meditation that we are in the mist of the beginning, everything has started to come out. It's happening, quickly, very fast.....I cannot express strongly enough we very well may be in the beginning of the storm coming where the world is going to see. One crucial point spirit has shown and wishes for me to express is that as everything is coming out people may be getting emotional, angry, lots of words to share. This is where we may see riots and all kinds of protest, civil unrest coming out very strongly. I see this being possibly around the Election Fraud, Vaccine, Biden, Trump. Who's President and who's not. Business's may close in some of the bigger populated areas for a short time. Be mindful of where you go and it's just always smart to have a little bit of things on hand you may need even some water, blankets or a heating source. I feel it's just smart. With Trump talking about the Vaccine and how you should take it, I get it is to get people to do their own research and see that maybe it is bad. I see that the media is now going to tell on themselves within the vaccine, disclosing truth, is it really safe, what is and was the agenda. Honestly I see that this was all said to create a reverse psychology effect, opposite. I have seen that the movie that is coming out on the 21st very well may be a reverse psychology effect as well, same scenario. Disclosure, seek out the truth. I see this bringing out Arrest, Child, Sex trafficking, Pedophilia as well as Andrenochrome. My goal is to get the videos done today to share. Many blessings, Love, Mika

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