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Galactic Consciousness Wants You To Know, A Portal is Being Open!

Dear Ones, This strong message is one that they feel you must hear, it is of most urgency.

There is not enough words to use or find that will prepare you for what is about to happen, this event has been talked about in the heavens for hundreds of years. You have been hand picked and personally chosen to be here to shift and change the consciousness of the whole Galaxy, the whole Universe, the Planet, the World.

You are on the cusp as you are entering into the Greatest Awakening You ever could image, you could never prepare for what is about to happen. You may be shaken to your core, your reality, your awareness could be shaken so bad you may be in a strange shock of what is real and what isn't.

Please hear me, finding some kind of grounding and center with-in your soul to be able to compartmentalize what and how and who you are, how this upcoming news and information is suppose to be absorbed by you and your family.

This upcoming reality that is coming full speed ahead regardless, could leave you rattled to the core. Please stay centered, hear the information and breath, just breath....Finding your balance may be the most important thing you could do.

This new world, your new life is going to be the greatest event that is freeing all of your ancestors your children and their children free and it is you that is chosen above others to bring in this great prophetic new world.

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