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Look Over Here!

This looks and feels like it is going to turn into something huge with tremendous amount of disclosure and shocking twist and turns ahead. Spirit has shown me that the Barge over in the Panama Canal may be filled with huge disclosure with in people connected with human trafficking, sex trafficking, perhaps bodies or body parts, drugs, guns, Children. It has been shown that here with in a very short amount of time even days this may all publicly be exposed and people who it apart of the underworld, their connection, their part. Government officials to well known names may all come out. This may be the link the media exposure that perhaps will start complete disclosure. Keep an eye on this one. This looks big to me psychically. Very concerning, in a good way to protect the innocent and expose the truth. I know this post isn't for everyone but for those interested, here it is. Much love, Mika

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Yes. I am thinking it will be revealing. I wonder what will prompt opening the containers? I am also thinking that those connected with its contents will start resigning from their high level jobs.

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