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March+ Financial Wave, Bitcoin, Crypto and the Big Winner?

Bitcoin, Crypto, What is The Next Big Wave?

We may be in for an interesting ride this Month of March and Going into April as far as Monies goes and perhaps what to invest in and maybe what not to invest in. Remember this is just my thoughts, my opinion, I'm in no way a financial advisor or financial consultant. Please consult a profession financial advisor. I see allot going on with Cryptocurrency perhaps even Bitcoin this Month and Ethereum as well. These two I feel energetically could really go super, super high especially in the mid to the end of the month. Other Cryptocurrencies may do well also I'm just not confident enough with them to confirm either way. Towards the end of the month I cant say it will continue to go well. Something towards the end of the month possibly after the 25-26th, maybe doesn't hold that strong energy anymore. It may be a good idea to either sell of something like that. It just doesn't feel super positive anymore. Next I feel really strong energy around Tesla, I like that energy alotttttt. Feels strong feels long term, who knows, it's a long shot but who knows. I just know I like the energy feel of it. This one may be around for along, long time. It might be a winner. Only time will tell.

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