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#Members Only, First Peek: Time of Soul Return in Relationship Re-kindle, Return, Merging of Energy

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

With a huge massive energy burst arising, we may see here very shortly a major change with in yourself, your being, who you are even possibly with-in your appearance. I have seen where with-in so much darkness coming to the light being exposed, stopped. This may very well free up allot of energy. As it frees up allot of energy, the energy must go somewhere, it must merge into something or someone. (this is so important) As this happens and strongly increases, like a title wave we very well may see a change with in ourselves our own lives.

As this burst of energy is rising and surrounding us, it does take on the form of your higher self, your true self, who you really are. With this being said, you are a singular being or are you many beings with-in one body? I have been shown we may be 1 body with many, many life time experiences folded into one. Yet we can sometimes only remember parts and pieces of our past life times. With this major energy change upon us I have been shown that as we take on more of this floating energy and we change and utilize it to our higher self we very may start to change our out-ward appearance our looks naturally. Reason for this is the energy could very well trigger our hidden, sleeping DNA which may very well be connected to our past lives. We are in a such a powerful time of great spiritual awakening which could very strongly change our whole life as we know it. With this being said we may truly see who our love even relationship individuals are and what connection they had in our past life and what and why they are in our life right now.

This awakening that may be upon us may do several things with-in our relationship arena, it may help our relationships become stronger and better than ever or it may cause them to end and be finished forever. With the awakening and greater awareness evolving we may be seeing who is apart of our life and why, as well as what part and reason they have played in our experience, good or bad, positive or negative. With this being said this may be why some relationships may end, it is because you are evolving and growing leaps and bounds, you are flowing into your new you.

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