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Message from the Galactic Consciousness, Full Moon Uncovering!

Good Morning Beautiful Ones! Hope you are had

a fantastic weekend and most important taking care of you and your loved ones. Here are a few highlights for this weekend that I can see energetically that may impact you in your world. Sooooo much intense and confusing energy right now. What someone says and what you heard may not be the same and believing things that may not be true can be one of our biggest hiccups at this time. Our minds processing thing differently as we are transitioning into this new energy field and some are gracefully just rolling over while some may having some struggles at this time. I'm seeing allot of lower and falling type energy. Some mental heaviness like kind of depression but maybe not, just hibernating and not wanting to be around anyone right now. This energy comes in strong due to people becoming more empathic and intuitive and all of a sudden feeling everyone's stuff greater than before. Just know this is happening and nurture your self, know everything is okay and you will move through this. (of course if you feel like you need to talk to a professional please do for I am certainly not one. This is not a health diagnosis so please consult your Dr. if you think you need to.) I have said this to my family and friends please, please watch for vehicle issues and road rage at this time. This is energy is so strong with people just acting less kind and not so pleasant while driving. It's like some people may turn into a whole other person when they get behind the wheel. Going a bit slower and chugging along I have said can be so much safer. Energy is not good at this time for driving. Our Galactic family the secrets from space, the sky are breaking through like lightning at this time. The energy is showing they have not been happy for a very long time. It's as if they have felt like there hands were tied and they were in bondage from being allowed to help us. They are saying they are coming in stronger than ever to help mankind. They are showing that there was a contract that was not allowing them to communicate with us very easily. They show this has expired and they are flooding in to help the human race, their family. They show we are the babies and we are their children. We were stolen from them and they want us back to love and heal, to nurture us back to our true state. Such strong loving energy from them, it warms my heart! Much love to you, this weekend and this week is super, beyond intense. Watch for unexpected weather please and watch out for each other please! I love you all so much! Mika

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