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Predictions 2021+ Will The Eclipse Usher In?

Hi There, Just wanted to share some incites on what may be on its way! Oh Fauci: I have been shown this may turn into a great reveal as far as blowing wide open who he is really connected to and that he is and has been a puppet. But to who and who is his boss or boss's? How far and wide does this go, worldwide, universal? Rise of Trump: (I'm just sharing information, that's all) For those who thought he was gone, uhhh well I see him coming back super strong, I dont see him gone and I do see him coming in making himself known. Talking about issues and pointing out different problems, talks of what I would do and what needs to be done, what should be done. We could see a time where Trump is known as the peoples president or people elected him. Trump coming back as President through the title of People Elected. Media: It's so interesting to me that we may see here real quick that you see media jump sides, which ever is the popular side that's where I see the media go. I know I shake my head too but I see all of a sudden the Media as I see it are going to start to share and bring in true disclosure and share "Real News" , TRUTH! It will be a shocker for sure but I see it all changing and they switch sides. Food/Drug: This will be the biggest, shocking eye opener I feel you could get in a life time. It does sadden me and I just roll my eyes. I see the real truth on what you have been eating and what has truly been in your food along with the drugs that we have been talking. The good news is that I see a new way of eating and living coming. A healing and how to heal your bodies and minds starting to become a way of life. Alien: We are at a point where we may be told who has been living amongst us and in what capacity. Who are they and where did they come from, what race? How many races? I see we may be told and shown that we have had several Alien races living amongst us for hundreds for years. Some good and Some not! Most of them know they are not from this planet and know they were sent here to help and to change our frequency in bringing back enlighten and balance.


Breakups to Power Outages, Beware!

Hello again Fear Family, Just another update real quick before I put out some more videos. I just want to share I do see contentions between Family, Friends, Government Official's, Political leaders, Neighbors. In all honestly I see very strong opinions being shared with great emotions. Lots of arguing. There is so much energy going around right now where so many people have such strong thoughts and truly believe their way is the only way. Many not being open to any other thought any other idea just their way is the only way. Every foundation is being challenged, being attacked if you will. Through people's relationships to political and government platforms. So many of us don't like change but it often comes whether we want it or not . With this energy we may see major changes world wide even within our own homes, I'm not sure if it's disclosing what was always there and forcing us to deal with issues we wished want there. We may see earthquakes, volcano eruptions severe storms as well as "Power Outages" so please be prepared for this. Also I do see crazy fires and flooding. I know it seems like I'm just touching on everything but I am. This is what spirit is showing so very strongly.

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