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Rainbow Beings

During my Near Death Experience, I saw many things but one of the most incredible things that I saw was these people of one mind, one heart a true high vibrational frequency beings. They came from the north pole down in the center of the earth. These beautiful beings were so much more evolved than we are, than what we ever could imagine. They lived a higher law, they lived for their fellow man, what they could do for the planet, the world, the galaxy. They were so connected to source, they lived in harmony a pure love and respect for everything and everyone around them. In appearance they were different colors than what we are here on this planet, this outer shell. They were Red, Blue, Purple and Green. When I say they were different colors it wasn't necessarily their skin being a different color it was the skin glowing and vibrating a color. It's as if they radiated their color, like a physical visual image. I bring this up now because I have been shown that now is the time we may see these beautiful beings come from the north pole and other beings getting reading to come from the south pole. They know it is time for them to come out and step forward to assist us in living this higher law, a greater true way to live. A place of no law, no rules, just universal laws. When one person was sad or upset or even a plant, a tree was experiencing pain they all experienced pain. This is what they call living one with everything around them. This is what I was shown on how they lived or at least part of what I was shown. Don't misunderstand me they are not weak they can fight and defend better than what we can here on this outer shell. They have significant powers that we dont have here. They live in such high vibration with everyone and everything around them that you also carry the strength of each other. I see this tribe if you will has been waiting for so long for the outer shell beings to wake up and prepare to live this higher law, a higher frequency but spirt said we are so very close to experiencing this. They may bring new medicines, new healing techniques, new way to eat, grow your food, a new way to live. How to care for yourself in this new world, they know this is what they are to do. It's there time, to rise and assist us. You will be so amazed and shocked by these beautiful Rainbow people, they are breath taking. They are going to show us with it truly means to live one with the earth as well as everyone around them. You

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I wonder if only certain people will be able to see them and communicate with them, in the way that some can see elementals: fairies, gnomes, etc.

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