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UPDATE, World Wide

What a time we are in at this moment, Oh boy! These predictions are world wide.

1. Coronavirus lockdowns, Strongly Pushing the V.

I see allot of this discussion coming up. Allot. We may be seeing strict lock downs at least being talked about it. Some areas may really go through with it but not everywhere.

2. I see situations coming up even possibly around weather, or any other natural disaster type. (or they say it's natural disaster). That would force people to stay home, close business's and stopping the food/water supply. This along with #2 combined I just see the agenda may be all about trying to strain the people and take down the economy.

3. We could expect some kind of Military Action visibly coming out, some kind of announcement, disclosure, tribunals, court hearings.

4. Watch for more censorship coming down hard. Very strong, intimidating talks of rules and guidelines different laws wanting and being implemented. BIGGEST THING HERE IS BEWARE OF FAKE NEWS. I see huge, big energy around some kind of Inauguration or some kind of outward ceremony taking place or announcement of a new Government coming out, World Government news that has been created/is being created. Keep your heads up, what you see very well all may be fake!!!! Love, Mika

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